• Mission


    Our MISSION? transform kids’ relationship with food & planet. Our APPROACH? offer a free download of a 20-unit curriculum for kids ages 4-8. The curriculum has been tested, piloted, and adheres to Common Core Standards (aka it’s legit). Grown-ups tell us it’s effective. Kids tell us it’s pretty fun.

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  • Framework


    It’s all about the food. Everything is connected. Kids know it intuitively. Now we have a framework to teach it.  

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  • Common Core Standards

    Common Core Standards

    Zomppa®’s Standards & Performance Indicators align with the Common Core State Standards for K-2nd grades, and reference the current national standards from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and commonly adopted pre-K standards.

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  • Units


    Zompping for Food and Planet is comprised of 20 units. It is designed to be flexible for educators, parents, and community organizers to use almost anywhere – mobile classrooms included. Children take a global journey through healthy eating, environmental sustainability, language, culture, and cooking.

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  • In Action

    In Action

    Word is out. Kids and adults all seem to love the curriculum. Don’t just trust our word for it. See what others are saying and see the curriculum in action!

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  • Free Membership

    Free Membership

    Like we  said, Zompping for Food & Planet curriculum is free of charge. No tricks. Our vision is a world of happy, healthy, compassionate eaters so we need your help to use it and share it.

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