Ohhhhhhh. Sweet Jesus.

| August 17, 2009

During a recent visit to Boston, the number of young children traipsing about the city amazed me.  How did they get here?  Had these miniature homo sapiens always been here?

In my past life, you would have easily found me inhaling gimlets (yum) and singing Irish folk songs with the local fishermen at the Black Rose. Or maybe…just maybe….you’d find me dancing myself into a controlled, but sweaty frenzy as my heart thumped to the sounds of Latin beats at any one of Boston’s night clubs.

Boston 1

Instead, the more mature, and less sweaty version of myself relished some quality time with my family, embracing some of Boston’s family friendly outlets.  Perhaps that is why I saw more children than I had in the past.  Everywhere we went, parents, grandparents and caretakers were herding, carrying, feeding or berating their children.  Such activity was in full force at Boston’s most incredible Children’s Museum.

Boston II

Aside from the slightly inappropriate/disturbing set of baby dolls available for use (see photo above), the newly renovated hands-on schmorgesborg offers interactive and cultural  diversity exhibits that are both a delight and an experience for people of all ages.  I highly recommend a trip to the museum should you find yourself in Beantown with kids.

After exploring the museum’s three floors, you will no doubt be famished.   Do yourself (and your family) a gigantic favor and take a five-minute walk to Flour, located (literally) right behind the museum in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood on Farnsworth St (Thanks ZomppaB for the recommendation!).  This contemporary, but quaint café offers  an endless and spectacular array of food ranging from delicate French pastries to an All-American, tart and tangy lime-rickey.  My husband and I devoured Flour’s curried tuna fish sandwich (with raisins, apples and carrots thrown in) and turkey with Swiss and cranberry chutney on wheat.

Boston III

Towards the end of our meal, we felt a firm, yet inviting sensation coming from the neatly arranged, multi-colored pastry display. As if in a zombie-like trance, we purchased, and then proceeded to damage Flour’s famous homemade ‘Oreo’ cookies and raspberry filled donuts.   Sweet…sweet, Jesus.  Sinfully delicious and gloriously climactic.  We certainly enjoyed the good life while in Boston….the sweet life.

Boston IV

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  1. Gina says:

    I live in the Boston area and have heard so many good things about Flour but still have yet to try it – you just reminded me of this desire…your food looks great!