Changing the Way We Eat: TidBit of the Day

| February 22, 2011

On February 12, TedX Manhattan held a session on “Changing the Way We Eat.” Some amazing speakers…it’s a bit long, put it on while you’re cleaning or cooking, it’s worth your time. Check out the site for more, but some highlights from Session 1:

Watch live streaming video from tedx at
  • Importance of family dinners, not just where youngsters learn through experiencing the “art of human companionship”
  • Food systems that have enabled humans to build cities/towns anywhere also has resulted in being distant from food sources as well as being dependent on them
  • Living near factory farms – imagine having to always wipe stuff falling from the sky from your windshield or not being able to open your windows or take a bath
  • Farm Bill is also a nutrition bill, i.e., family of 3 cannot qualify for food stamps if they make more than $28,500 (for about $4.50 a day for meals)
  • How food science and marketing predisposes us to eating unhealthy food and shapes our preferences, i.e. if Shrek shows up a package, kids say the food tastes better
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    1. Aaaahh, it was SO on my list of things to do to devote some of the 12th to this. Thanks for the video – will have to put it on while cleaning or cooking 🙂 may be the only way it’ll happen!

    2. Beth says:

      The more we think about what we’re eating, the better off we will be. I’m a big fan of family dinners, and of small farmers instead of factory farms. Our food supply is so important, and we should never take it for granted!

    3. I think family dinners are so important. I think they are enhanced even more if you can say where the ingredients came from. It makes it more special I think.

    4. Thanks for the link Belinda!