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| April 1, 2011


Cookie Monster

You know our ongoing love for Sesame Street. Looks like Cookie Monster is helping spread HEALTHY cookies!

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With a flair for spontaneity, pizzazz, creative excellence and her own unique sense of aesthetic grace and perspective, we have our very dear friend, Belinda (or B, to some of us). Although an incredibly accomplished professional and career woman, B’s down-to-earth approach and demeanor transcends all scenarios, communities and people. She manifests, in her day-to-day, the essence of the word “Zomppa” as demonstrated by her extraordinary commitment to creating sustainable and positive change for us and future generations to come. She’s asked for a dog every year since she was five. Check out Belinda’s work on global education research and coaching: www.hummingbirdrcc.com or more about her portfolio www.belindachiu.com.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Cookie Monster is AWESOME! 🙂

  2. Don’t know about either sesame street or cookie monster…:0(
    Love those oatmeal cookies on video.

  3. lovely video and cookies

  4. kristy says:

    I started watching sesame street after I have my 1st child. Still remember there’s a time, McD selling all those sesame street dollies. My brother actually bought the whole set for my kids. They’re really cute. I still keeping them.
    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  5. Heather says:

    Me like coooookiiiiiiie!!

  6. Beth says:

    Cute! I wouldn’t mind trying one of those (with or without milk)!

  7. Lena says:

    I LOVE Coooooookie! Good for CM.

  8. I’ve always had an aversion to sesame street. I hated the vampire as a child but these cookies might just have changed my opinion…

  9. Cookie monster is perfect for help spreading healthy oatmeal cookies 🙂

  10. Kristen says:

    What a cute video! Those cookies look delicious.

  11. Anncoo says:

    hehee…cookie monster is still my favorite! Love those cookies too 🙂

  12. MaryMoh says:

    I love sesame streets…always makes me smiles. Love the short video clip. I need oatmeal cookies and a glass of milk now 😀