Frank or Frankenstein: Frank Food

| July 7, 2011

A few months ago, we wrote about how confusing and misleading the terms “real food” and “natural foods” have become. So we started to call food we want, “frank food.”

We are introducing a new series that will seek YOUR opinion of what you prefer to eat and to help all of us to make wiser and better food decisions. Your responses matter, so speak up!

Frank or Frankenstein

Frank food:

Food that is forthright, honest, blunt, truthful, candid, aboveboard.
Frank foods cannot be adulterated.

The problem is, it’s not always easy for find frank food, but some products are more frank than others.

Frank foods should not be processed with laboratory-made chemicals. Example? Apple=frank food; Apple-flavored fruit stick=frankenstein food.

However, our use of frank foods for this series can include minimally processed foods. After all, we recognize that we live in a different time than our grandmothers did. Though the purists may want to take up arms, we want to make this accessible to the majority of consumers – and the majority of us purchase at least some processed foods. An important distinction of processed frank foods is that our grandmothers would still likely recognize them. Example? Peanut butter is technically processed, but frank peanut butter is made of peanuts and salt and Frankenstein peanut butter is made of hydrogenated oils crafted in a science lab.

Which one would you choose?

Stay tuned for our first poll!

*If there are foods you would like us to explore, please let us know!

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With a flair for spontaneity, pizzazz, creative excellence and her own unique sense of aesthetic grace and perspective, we have our very dear friend, Belinda (or B, to some of us). Although an incredibly accomplished professional and career woman, B’s down-to-earth approach and demeanor transcends all scenarios, communities and people. She manifests, in her day-to-day, the essence of the word “Zomppa” as demonstrated by her extraordinary commitment to creating sustainable and positive change for us and future generations to come. She’s asked for a dog every year since she was five. Check out Belinda’s work on global education research and coaching: or more about her portfolio

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  1. I’m a frank food kinda guy. I’d like you to explore the world of peanut butter even more. It’s a conversation that seems to be coming up more and more. People say they try the fresh ground stuff, but it doesn’t taste like (insert crappy brand name here).

  2. purabi naha says:

    Definitely Frank food. I would like to give my family only the healthy options in eating. Nothing can beat fresh food! This is a very good series you have started. Shall come back for more on this!!

  3. Sugar!!! Please!!! What IS brown sugar, anyway, and even though I know organic cane sugar is better than refined white sugar, I’d like to know WHY. And what about agave? As Michael Pollan says, an organic cookie is still a cookie. So tell me why it’s better to use agave than some form of granular sugar? And dare I say it – HFCS? I stay away from that stuff as a matter of principle, but what about plain old Karo corn syrup? It pops up in recipes from time to time – is there something I can use instead?

    Please oh please put this on your list of topics to tackle!


  4. Amanda says:

    OOOO, psyched about this series.

  5. This is a GREAT idea — I look forward to more in this series! Theresa

  6. Devaki says:

    What a GREAT idea!!!! Frank food ALL the way…though Frankenstein is a devious devil and finds its way into the most innocent everyday foods, non? Which is why you building awareness on such issues is precious 🙂 Go Zomppa’s!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  7. Juliana says:

    I’d go for Frank food…but sometimes is hard to avoid the Frankensteins around us 🙂
    Hope you have a great week ahead Belinda 🙂

  8. kankana says:

    Definitely Frank food but once in a while Frankenstein may be .. just for fun or when those Frank food are not around.

  9. Christine says:

    This looks like a great series. It gets confusing these days with all of the different labels and new ingredients.