Winkler Bakery, a 212-Year Old Tradition: TidBit of the Day

| July 12, 2011


This bakery is 212 years old.

Winkler Bakery, Old Salem, NC

This baker is not 212 years old.

Winkler Bakery Bakery, Old Salem, NC

But what he’s holding – gorgeous Moravian sugar cake, a dense, coffeecake-like delight baked with potatoes – is the same recipe used two hundred years ago.

Moravian Sugar Cake, Winkler Bakery, Old Salem, NC

Winkler Bakery, located in Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC was originally owned by Thomas Buetner who then sold it to Christian Winkler in 1807 (Brother Buetner preferred shoemaking and farming). They were part of a tight-knit Moravian community from Eastern Europe who settled in the area during that period.

The same dome oven is used to make these delights, as well cookies, cakes, buns…

Winkler Bakery oven, Old Salem, NC

Including the famous Moravian Spice Cookies, delightfully thin crispy gingery cookies…

Moravian Spice Cookies, Winkler Bakery, Old Salem, NC

…and who can say no to something called Moravian Lovefeast Buns, these lovely, dense, flavorful rolls.

Moravian Lovefeast Bun, Winkler Bakery, Old Salem, NC

Stop by if you can, if not, you can always order these goodies online!

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