Editors’ Note

| November 28, 2011

November 2011


Editors’ Note

Welcome to Zomppa 2.0!

Time really flies when you’re having fun. It is almost December, Thanksgiving has just passed in the United States and winter is already settling in some parts of the world. For the past several months, the folks at Zomppa have been very busy and have worked passionately to bring you (our most favorite readers in the universe) a new, improved, interactive multimedia platform to make your Zomppa visits more resourceful, manageable and meaningful!

Whether you are a longtime reader (thank you!) or a new one (welcome!), we have tried and tested different iterations over the last couple years and thanks to your constructive feedback, the generosity of our donors, and the support of old and new friends, Zomppa offers you a vastly unique, steam-lined online experience.

But who are we, really?

We are an integrated food advocacy platform seeking to transform food’s relationships with people through awareness, dialogue, and education. We are committed to the reality that everything is interconnected. We encourage people from all walks of life to consider and embrace this interconnectedness – to understand that that choices we make at the grocery store or at the restaurant greatly impact the lives of small farmers, affect the water and soil, and influence food security polices discussed on an international scale.

As we say on our newly refined FAQ page (please visit to find out more about origins and our philosophy), we believe that:

  • The current food system is broken and unless each of us do something about it, our species and our planet are in serious trouble
  • Good recipes not only taste good, but also promote the sustainability of culture, a fair food system, and the Earth

We are fortunate to have a staff of writers and contributors from around the world who are committed to sharing their perspectives and experiences to raise awareness that the following not only lead to tastier and happier eating occasions, but also promote health, the economy, environmental stewardship, fair and responsible labor, and vibrant communities:

  • Eat locally, organically, and seasonally as best we can
  • Learn to cook and minimize overly processed foods
  • Keep everything in moderation
  • Shop and consume consciously and mindfully
  • Celebrate and share culture and tradition
  • Care.
  • Care not only about yourself.

Some of you may also be a bit surprised that we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and so we will soon redirect our zomppa.com website to our zomppa.org website. We’ll keep you posted on this transition.

In addition to our international food magazine, we have also been developing and testing and refining a curriculum for children. Known as the Zomppabus, we hope to get children excited to learn about healthy eating through global exploration – from a mobile, interactive experience. Over the next several months, you will see our online classroom grow and expand…so stay tuned…..

As always, we are constantly learning, refining, and improving, and welcome your feedback. A couple key updates include:

1. A clearer schedule for feature articles and other tidbits and challenges:

  • Explore Mondays: culture, travel, traditions, children, family
  • Sustainable Tuesdays: home cooking, conscious shopping
  • Frank Wednesdays: identification of Frank Food versus Frankenstein Food
  • Political Thursdays: food politics, safety, and health
  • Fight Fridays: food advocates and advocacy around the world

2.  A rotating photo gallery, displaying material contributed by our staff, but also material contributed by you! Our readers!

3.  An online Book Corner, reads we recommend for children and adults.

4.  An online Recipe Vault so you can quickly find and download your favorite Zomppa recipes.

5.  Clearer navigation of our monthly and weekly columns, such as the ever-popular Melissa@Market, Food Fighters, Frank Food, Class Acts, and Sweet Beat.

Was this enough to whet your appetite?!  We certainly hope so!

We still have a couple of more surprises in store for you, so please stay turned. Also, please bear with us as we continue to work out our kinks!!  As always, we thank you for your readership and support and look forward to many more years of innovation to put food back into the central role of our lives.


Eat well.

The Editors


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We all have a friend in our lives who is smart, witty, intelligent: you give her cold pasta and chicken and she will whip out a gourmet meal in 15 minutes, she makes chicken soup from scratch for her sick neighborhood even though she is nursing a cold herself… you know that friend who will always be there to drive common sense into you, but doesn’t realize that she is as perfect as they come as a mother, wife and friend. That is our Patty….

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  1. Jeanne says:

    It sounds and looks great! I’m looking forward to what’s next on Zomppa!

  2. Wow — I guess it’s been a couple of weeks…and look at what I missed! The transformation is stunning. Great new look! theresa