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| February 15, 2012

Zomppa is pleased and proud to support the Sol Food Mobile Farm, a NC-based nonprofit that promotes and teaches about community gardening, environmental sustainability, and healthy habits on a waste-oil-run converted school bus.

Sol Food Mobile Farm on Vimeo.

The mission of Sol Food Mobile Farm (SFMF) starts with advocating for local foods and renewable energy sources. To address such large topics, SFMF offers both expos and workshops from its retro-fitted school bus classroom. Its program directives can be divided into five major categories- gardening, composting, alternative energies, nutrition and environmental interaction.

SFMF aims to serve communities in their own backyards! By recognizing that every community has a unique set of resources and skills, it hopes to work with groups to further foster environmental stewardship in their local area.

Zomppa serves as SFMF’s fiscal sponsor. As such, all donations made to SFMF through Zomppa, a 501(c)3 is tax-exempt. In addition to an innovative gardening and composting curriculum, SFMF will also pilot Zomppa’s Healthy Eating and Global Exploration curriculum on its 6-month journey across the U.S.! The adventures, travels, and updates will be posted regularly as featured articles on Zomppa.

SFMF plans to depart Durham, NC Spring 2012 with the following planned stops (though, as life goes, things may and will likely change!)

1. Baltimore, MD (May 20-June 10)
2. Philadelphia, PA (June 23-June 30)
3. Detroit, MI (July 10-20)
4. Chicago, IL (July 20-31)
5. Oakland, CA (September 1-10)
6. Los Angeles, CA (September 5-15)
7. Denver, CO (August or October- depending on route)
8. New Orleans, LA (November 1-20)
9. Biloxi, MS (November 10-30)
10. Mobile, AL (November 30-December 10)

For more information, please contact us! Don’t forget to check out their awesome site!


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