A Healthy Start

| March 12, 2012

A few months ago my husband and I found out that we are expecting a little boy or girl in June – something that we’ve been talking about for such a long time. As we are down to the last 3 months of the pregnancy, the reality of it all is hitting home.

As someone that loves to cook and eat, pregnancy has been a super interesting experience. I’ve never been very good at “prohibiting” myself from eating anything. I try to eat all things in moderation, and that has definitely included boxed brownies and mac & cheese.   However, morning sickness kept me from eating anything other than the blandest of foods (much to the frustration of my husband who kept trying to cook me meals that looked SO yummy) and I am discouraged from eating my beloved medium rare steaks, runny eggs and sushi…. but these little sacrifices are worth it!!

While there’s a lot that you shouldn’t eat when you’re pregnant, everything you read/are told (including common sense) encourages you to eat more fruits and vegetables. I have never been very good when it comes to the fruits and veggies.   I love me a banana or an apple, but I’m not as consistent as I should be when it comes to eating a well-rounded, fruit/veggie included diet.

This is where my Vitamix comes in. Just before Christmas, Williams-Sonoma had a GREAT sale and I jumped on it. This thing is fairly awesome and while I haven’t really tested it with some of the recipes I’ve found online, I have turned the Vitamix into a lean, mean, smoothie making machine!! The idea to buy this machine came from a friend of mine whose husband does not like fruit or veggies.   She made him a smoothie that gave him at least half of his servings in one drink. Brilliant!

My recipe is a blend of one that I found online and then fruits that I have on hand anyway. So here’s to a healthy start and many healthy futures!!

Elyssa’s Morning Smoothie

Makes about 5-6 cups (I save my extras in glass jars or share with my husband)

Layer in this order (Very important!!)

2 Oranges, peeled and sectioned

8 frozen Strawberries

1 Mango, peeled and chopped

1 or 2 Bananas, peeled and chunked

1 Apple, cored and sliced

1.5 cups Spinach or Kale (note on the Kale – if you’re modifying, be sure to use a tropical fruit like Mango or Pineapple to combat the Kale’s bitterness)


Start blender on low and work up to high, mashing it as you go to get everything incorporated.



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  1. Belinda says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT for the new addition!! I have heard so many people loving the Vitamix – that smoothie sounds absolutely delicious. So glad you are feeling better!

  2. Devaki says:

    Congratulations on such wonderful news! And I wouldn’t mind getting pregnant again just so I have an excuse to start my day with such an incredible smoothie (SSHHH….don’t let my hubby hear me:)

    My mum swears by her Vitamix!

    chow 🙂 Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  3. vianney says:

    Congrats!! So happy for you and what a great smoothie. I love my vitamix!!

  4. Hi!

    I heard ginger is good against morning sickness and lemongrass tea. My mum used to drink camomille tea that would help her. maybe any of those suggestion might help u.

    Your smoothie looks extra sweet to me, pefrect for a morning pick me up and fresh start into the day. thanks for sharing. =)

  5. Liz says:

    What exciting news!!! What a delicious way to start the day for both you and your wee one 🙂

  6. Helen says:

    Wow, nice way to start your day with vitamins! I believe consuming Vitamix can add or substitute the vitamins from eating fruits and in turn it results in better health.