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| July 3, 2012

BakingBar has had a very busy month so we haven’t had time to put together a recipe for Zomppa this month. However, we have got something for you which we are just as passionate about. As you all know, we love baking, but we also love tea, and there is nothing better than a cup of tea with one of our baked treats.

Tea has a long,  rich and diverse history which ZomppaKat covered somewhat in her post last year Teas of the World. Tea forms a key aspect of many of our lives, whether it’s the traditional cup of tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea or even chai tea. We could go on and on as there are just so many varieties and flavours. Many of us drink tea simply because we love the taste, but tea has a wealth of health benefits which some people know very little about.

The most commonly known benefit of tea is that is contains a wealth of antioxidants. We all want to keep looking young don’t we? Antioxidants are proven to slow down aging and are believed to protect against the effects of pollution. Research is constantly on-going but it is believed that antioxidants also prevent cancer and promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Who wouldn’t want all those benefits? Green tea is believed to contain the highest quantity of antioxidants.

Increases Metabolism
A lot of people complain about their slow metabolism. Green tea in particular, has proven to increase your metabolism. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can skip your daily exercise routine and replace it with a cup of tea, but it can give your body that extra little boost that you need to get through the say.

Allergy Fighter
Although not proven as such, there have been a number of studies carried out which would indicate that tea and green tea in particular, possess qualities that are beneficial for allergy relief to conditions such as hay-fever. Research continues in this arena.

Healthy Teeth
This is a benefit which people either overlook or simply don’t know about. Tea actually contains fluoride which helps fight plaque and tooth decay.  Care should be taken to not consume excess levels of fluoride as this has been proven to have a negative impact on bone development, but this won’t be a problem with a few cups of tea each day.

We are always reminded…drink more water….keep hydrated. Obviously tea’s main ingredient is water and it was believed that tea did not count towards your daily intake of water and was in fact dehydrating. This has since been proven incorrect. Some teas may have the effect of drying out your mouth but this is just a quality of the variety of tea and not a quality of the drink itself. It was proven that tea is just as hydrating as water with the benefit of antioxidants and the other qualities listed above. Some therefore argue that tea is actually better than water. These findings were first published online by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2006).

We have recently been testing out a new product which makes making tea a lot quicker, easier and most desirably, easier to clean up afterwards.  Adagio Teas have come up with the IngenuiTEA which, as the name suggests, really is ingenious!

The IngenuiTEA is quite the revolutionary teapot, especially for those of us east of the Atlantic where this is quite a recent innovation. It doesn’t look or act like any teapot you will have used before. Its simple to rinse out afterwards and is even completely dishwasher safe. Cleaning out used tea leaves in tea infusers or teapots used to be a pet hate of mine so this is a huge benefit for me.

But this isn’t the main benefit of the IngenuiTEA. The real magic happens once the tea has brewed for a few minutes. There is no spout on the IngeniTEA instead you simply place it on top of your cup and a valve automatically opens and the crystal clear tea filters out through a unique filter and value into your cup. When the teapot is lifted off the cup the valve closes tight and doesn’t leak.

The IngenuiTEA can be purchased in the UK and Europe from here and in the USA from here.

We encourage you to also check out the huge range of teas offered by Adagio as well as the wealthof tea knowledge they kindly share.

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  1. Belinda says:

    I am a huge tea drinker so this is so helpful. .and makes me feel beyer about having my green tea in the mornings!

  2. Richard Hobbs says:

    It’s interesting how green tea focuses into the abdominal area for burning fat, this is the area where I need attention, I’m slim everywhere else. I find green tea consumption with some walking daily really helps with the belly fat.

  3. Liz says:

    I was drinking tea long before I knew all the health benefits…and I certainly didn’t know them all until today!!!! I’m sipping on a cup of hot tea thinking it will be my last of the day since we’ll hit 105º :/

  4. Becca says:

    I love tea! First time to hear sweet beat tea. Hope this is available in our market and groceries.