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| January 29, 2013

When asked about what she could do to help people when it came to food, here is what little ten-year-old Safa had to say.

Written by Safa, 10, USA

“I could take care of people by giving them money, food, and clothes. For starters, I could create a group with kids and some help from adults too. We could all work together and get donations from families that could donate money, give bags of clothes that they outgrown, or don’t wear anymore, or packs of food. With the adults help we could send it to the people who are starving, and have no money or clothes around the world. I was thinking of something like this when I heard on the news that Syria is having a problem with no water (which I forgot to mention that families could donate as well) and is starving. I sympathize the way Syrians must feel , which is very sad, worried, and hungry because of this war they’re having between 2 groups in Syria. Syrian people usually eat several types of bread and hummus, etc. But they can’t get these things because of the war. They have no houses to live in since they got bombed. Kids are suffering and bored because they have no books to read and no toys to play with. They are suffering because they have no clothes. So they have to suffer weather conditions, and if they don’t go to school, they won’t have a good education. They will get dehydrated because they are out in the sun, with no water, so they’ll get sick.”


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