Summer 2016

| June 26, 2016

Summer Programming of 2016

This summer, Zomppa has gained new and returning ZommpaKids, plus a few Zomppa interns! Over the course of the next couple of months, we will be “traveling” to different parts of the world with the Zomppakids all over the Wake County area.


Meet our summer interns:

Estelle Rohrimage1

A senior at NC State University in Nutrition Sciences

Amanda Rivera image,

Also a senior at NC State in Nutrition Sciences

and Alaina Poe, a recent graduate of NC State University where she studied in Nutrition Sciences.

Our wonderful intern, Estelle, has beautifully transcribed the very basis of the Zomppa mission in this quick little blog! Read about it here.

Teaching children about good nutrition should start at an early age. Children should be exposed to all kinds of different foods so that they can build up a palate of healthy foods that they enjoy. It is also important to be exposed to different foods from around the world. We should be open-minded and willing to learn about the world around us and the parts of the world that may be farther from us as well. Kids should be taught to make good decisions about the foods they eat and they should want to learn about and try new foods.


Meal times can be a great time for the family to come together. We should use these times to slow down and connect with one another. Make meal times fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Sit down together and learn about and appreciate the food you are eating instead of just eating. Take this opportunity to learn about where your food comes from and teach your children to understand sustainability and good food choices. Let your children help make choices when it comes to family meals. Meal times can become a sort of adventure for families if you decide to try new things. Try foods that come from different areas of the world if they are available in your grocery store. Don’t be scared to step outside of your comfort zone; chances are the worst that will happen is that you or your child end up not liking something.”

Be on the look out for more quick excerpts of the importance of learning about different cultures, introducing children to amazing food, and much more.

You can also stay up-to-date with our facebook, instagram, and twitter, where we will post pictures and videos of the Zomppakids and interns and all of their fun this summer!

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