Treat Yo’Self…Sometimes

| July 27, 2016

We all have junk food we truly love to eat, even though we know how bad it is for us. Personally, I can’t resist Oreos and pretty much anyone who knows me knows that they are my kryptonite.

             oreoJust one serving, which is three cookies, has 10% of Daily Value for saturated fat, and I can tell you when I sit down for my favorite night snack of Oreos with a glass of milk I eat a lot more than just one serving of cookies. However, although I love Oreos, I only have Oreos as a “sometimes” food.

I generally try to eat a healthy balanced diet. This means I have a variety of fruits and vegetables along with a good amount of protein, dairy, and grains, especially whole grains, daily. But where do my beloved Oreos fit into this diet? As I mentioned before Oreos are a “sometimes” food meaning they aren’t a part of my everyday diet, but rather they are more of a treat to myself once a week.

Many times when people think of eating healthy they think they have to cut out junk food and candy completely, but the truth is you DON’T have to!! It’s all a matter of moderation.

The point of eating healthy is not to turn you away from food and get you to stop eating certain foods; instead the point is to improve your health. Its important to eat foods you actually like, especially foods that are healthy, but if you love ice cream, French fries, or chocolate, you should allow yourself to indulge in these foods. Its important to remember eating should be fun and it should be something you enjoy!

Ways you can moderate when you allow yourself to enjoy your “bad foods” is to have a set day for when you can have that food, make the food a reward for finishing a certain task, or you can eat the food more often but in smaller portions. So, as they say on Parks & Recreation “Treat Yo’Self”… (every once in a while).

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