In Action

Word is out. Kids and adults all seem to love the curriculum. Don’t just trust our word for it. See what others are saying and see the curriculum in action!

“It looks really exciting and it’s really good that you have integrated so many different subjects. There are lots of great hands-on activities, which is key for these grade[-levels].”

 ~ Neda, pre-school educator, New York City, NY

“[The curriculum is] nice and simple for kids to understand, and a good introductory representation of our culture.”

~ Te, Maori educator, Palmerston, New Zealand

“My son loved it [the class]!  After the program, he kept singing the song about the bananas and asked me if he could come back tomorrow!”

~ Leila, Parent to 5-year old, Arlington, VA

“This program is fantastic.  I’d pay to enroll all three of my boys in something like this!”

~ Beth, Parent to 5, 4 & 3 year olds, Alexandria, VA

Take a look at how Zompping for Food & Planet was put to use in North Carolina by Education Director Leanne Simon. Food Planet Culture