For Kids

Zomppa was founded as a 501 (c) 3 to reach children, parents, families, and educators to:

  • Raise food awareness by bringing food to life
  • Develop healthier food attitudes;
  • Encourage awareness in the world.

Our approach is interdisciplinary and rooted in nutritional ecology. We believe that:

  • The current food system is broken and unless each of us does something about it, our species and our planet are in serious trouble
  • Food should taste good and promote the sustainability of culture, a fair food system, and the Earth

It seeks to

  • Influence public opinion with our website featuring a bi-monthly food magazine and news updates; and
  • Empower children through our children’s programs.
More questions about us?

Who do you reach?

Zomppa targets:

  • Children from ages 3 to 12, including those from under-represented communities, remote areas, and places all around the world;
  • Educators and community organizers;
  • Parents and families.

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Why do you care?

Zomppa sees a great need:

  • Discussions about food are often done in isolation–by topic, location, race, or venue;
  • Real change in our food system requires a collective of voices to mobilize action;
  • This generation is predicted to have a lower life expectancy than their parents;
  • Childhood obesity has doubled in 30 years;
  • 33% U.S.-born in 2000 will have diabetes;
  • 11% of U.S. students can identify the U.S. on a map;
  • Low-income/minority communities are disproportionately impacted by: diet-related health risks, lack of early nutritional and ecological education, and preparation for a multicultural economy.

In the current economic environment, budget cuts have forced many schools and organizations to cut field trips to museums, specialized programs, and staff. Programs such as nutrition, cooking, or language, are oftentimes the first cut. Yet the need for this education – particularly at the early stages of a child’s development – is urgent.

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What is your approach?

Zomppa believes that social food change is based on three simple premises:

  • Go to the child;
  • Make learning fun and relevant;
  • Get children hooked and the whole family is hooked.

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How do you work?

Zomppa has developed an innovative curriculum and working on programs to be offered virtually and in person. Our programs can be conducted in mobile classrooms, on converted schoolbuses, in afterschool programs, or in traditional classrooms.

Our current work involves:

  • Zompping for Food and Planet Curriculum: our innovative, hands-on curriculum that takes children ages 4-8 around the world while learning about healthier habits, nutrition, the environment, language, culture, and cooking
  • Global Potluck: a global forum for students around the world to connect with each other and share about their cultures through food.
  • Where do I come from? workbooks: fun, free, downloadable workbooks for children ages 3-6 about where different foods come from.
  • Sol Food Mobile Farm: stories from the Sol Food Mobile Farm crew, spreading knowledge and fun about food and environmental sustainability around the U.S. and Canada.

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