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Our food magazine is a b-monthly on food and food policy issues that impact our lives, health and pocket books on a daily basis. Whether you’re a teacher, a mom, a chef, or a food lover, Zomppa continues to provide our readers with the same level of enthusiasm and passion with articles, news, recipes, and tips to make your time in the kitchen more pleasant and helpful travel information to better prepare you for your next gastronomical adventure in some far away land!

With an international staff of writers, we stuff you with information, knowledge, and recipes without being stuffy.

We explore food encounters and raise critical issues from a diverse range of geographic, political, cultural, intellectual, ethnic, and emotional perspectives. Whether from the northern snows of Canada, the warm Mediterranean Sea of coastal Italy, the sunny beaches in the Land Down Under, the deserts of Arizona, or the foggy mornings of California, you won’t find a lot of technical words or complex recipes here. At, our writers celebrate the uniqueness of our heritages, pursue culinary adventures, offer beloved recipes and share our gastronomical thoughts and meanderings with you and FOR you!

We all love to travel, and our backgrounds combined include American, African-American, Arab, Australian, British, Canadian, Cherokee, Chinese, Haitian, Korean, Jordanian, Indian, Iranian, Irish, Italian, Liberian, Japanese, Mexican, Norwegian, Quechua/Wanka, Peruvian, Swedish, and Tibetan cultures…to name a few. Our guest contributors add even more depth and texture to the conversation.

We share with you books and movies about food we like, challenge you to check your food labels, and show you healthier alternatives to overly processed foodstuffs.

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What we write about


We believe…

…that food touches upon every dimension of life
…in frank food – food that is unadulterated and recognizable to our grandparents
…in having fun with our food
…in honoring our cultural roots with our food
…eating healthy and being aware is not elitist
…food is an issue of social and environmental justice
…food is art and a connector of us
…we should question, challenge, and…eat.

When we write what

Although we write and inform in an interdisciplinary way and believe that nothing, nothing, can be discussed about food in isolation, we attempt to focus topics to help you navigate our site.

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