About Melissa Melissa is a food educator focused on incorporating more fresh, delicious, local produce into people’ s diets and working with local non-profits, schools and health centers to create and demonstrate recipes that are fruit- and vegetable-based and simple to prepare. She hopes the merger of her Johnson and Wales culinary degree and master’ s in nutrition education (with some strategies from her elementary ed degree thrown in for her kids’ classes) produces dishes that keep people happy and healthy for years to come – and also satisfies her parents that she’ s been able to utilize at least 3 of her five post-graduate degrees. A lover of learning (um…duh?) she’ ll read (and remember) almost anything you throw down in front of her. Her two favorite topics? Food and men -which she writes about passionately and often. For more of her food and dating adventures, check out the hilarious Love Hurts, Bacon Heals.

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