Our Origin Story

Belinda, Patty, and Tsering became classmates because of our interest and desire to better the world through international diplomacy, trade, and education. We became sisters because of our mutual passion for food and community. Our love of food and understanding of how food connects us drove us to challenge existing attitudes towards food. While we were encouraged by the growing awareness of the link between food-health-politics-environment-culture-so-on-and-so-forth, we found, as parents and educators and devotees of food that there really wasn’t a space–that brought these ideas and concepts and discussions in one place and in a manner accessible and digestible to more people (no pun intended!). In particular, we were increasingly anxious about how children from underrepresented and lower-income communities were being kept out the national dialogue that so affected them.

Thus was the start of Zomppa.

A few phone calls later, Kat, the wonderwoman communications strategist, came on board. She is responsible for designing our funky website and drives our online communication. While we have evolved and refined, all the Zomppas come with multiple perspectives and have experienced both the feeling of belonging nowhere and belonging everywhere. Our uniqueness do not deter us from our commonalities, and our commonalities do not diffuse our uniqueness.