SolFood_logoSol Food Mobile Farm

Zomppa incubated this mobile greenhouse classroom on a waste-veggie oil, solar-powered school bus, which took its inaugural, 6-month, national tour in 2012. Find out more about their national tour here and their new initiatives!



MGA_Logo_Hurricane_white_2010Melting Glacier Analytics

A not-for-profit collaboration that provides content development support to humanitarian activities. Melting Glacier Analytics supports the operational needs in the humanitarian community by leveraging new media and using a cloud-based business model to link subject matter expertise with high quality content developers. Find out more here!




RGF-LogoReal Good Food

A not-for-profit that works to build community, helping cottage food entrepreneurs grow and connecting people to the food they love. Real Good Food hosts and enables communities to host food swaps. Find out more here!





growingGrowing Up Global

A rich resource guide and site by Homa Sabet Tavangar about great activities and ideas to expose children to a world beyond their immediate environments. Find out more here!



An organization to help families enjoy healthy meals together in Rhode Island with wonderful programs and a curriculum Find out more here!