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Access to sufficient, affordable, and healthy foods is one of the key social justice issues of our time. Demanding access, however, first requires awareness of the central role of food. Food is a tangible and relevant tool by which we can raise awareness. The reality is that we can no longer sit on our hands and hope that someone else will take care of our food and our Earth. This is where YOU come in!

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Donate: we are a small nonprofit that depends on the generous support of concerned people around the world to bring healthy eating & global awareness to children. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation!




Write: we welcome guest contributors who want to participate in the dialogue. Contribute on our blog or in our quarterly magazine – pitch us your ideas!




Share: have kids or know kids? Get your kids or your kids’ class to join in and share with other kids around the world favorite recipes from their culture on Global Potluck or to submit a photo or short story on the ZomppaKids Files.




Teach: if you are a teacher or educator (whether in a formal classroom, community setting, or homeschool) of kids ages 4-8 and looking for an integrated curriculum for your classroom, Zompping for Food & Planet offers a holistic approach to healthy eating and global awareness.




Support: if you have any classroom supplies (i.e. crayons, markers, construction paper) or dress-up clothes, we welcome any in-kind donations to help with our children’s programs. Please contact us!


All your donations are tax-exempt. Please donate here – and thank you for your support.