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ZomppaKids’ Korner

quarterly online magazine for children and their families and teachers. The children’s section is loaded with hands-on activity worksheets, ideas for crafts and cooking, and other useful information about healthy eating, environmental sustainability, and global cultures. Don’t worry, parents and educators – there is also a section for you with tips for teaching and working with children, as well as recipes and articles related to children, ecojustice, and global appreciation.

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ZomppingZompping for Food and Planet Program

A hands-on mobile classroom program takes children on a journey around the world through an interdisciplinary curriculum, Zompping for Food and Planet, about healthy cooking, eating, food production and justice, environmental sustainability, hunger and access, and cultural understanding. The 20-unit program can be delivered as a complete program to teach children about different countries and cultures through healthy eating and living, or it can be integrated into existing classroom units. The program can be offered in traditional classroom settings or in informal settings, such as libraries, afterschool clubs, or homeschool environments. It can also be delivered on a mobile unit, such as through Sol Food Mobile Farm, a moving greenhouse classroom on wheels.
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PotluckGlobal Potluck

A global forum for students around the world to connect with each other and share about their cultures through food. Global Potluck is written for and by students pre-K to 12th grade. Connect with your own or your class’s stories about culture and heritage through the food they eat and cook. Students may contribute with recipes, histories, audio recordings, and videos.

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FileZomppaKids File

Virtual compilation for children ages 3 and up about their favorite foods and meals. ZomppaKids File welcomes short submissions from around the world – photos, hand-written essays, and short stories.

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